Second Chance Prison Deferment

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Second Chance Prison Deferment Program is a long-term ministry. The focus is to create a means that offenders can forgo or shorten their prison sentence for new crimes committed. The offender would go from sentencing straight to or could be released during a sentence into the program, at a controlled environment where they would live as normal as they would at home. During this time, they would receive training on how to live, function in relationships, receive therapy and counseling, ministry services, life skills such as math and reading and job or entrepreneur training. All of which are mandatory for the program. Though participation in the program would be voluntary. After completion of the program, the jail sentence would be shelved, up to permanently, provided the person does not commit another like or more sever offense in a given time. Not only would they jail term be set aside but the offender would suffer no record effect on their public record. Most of the damage done by the corrections system is the lasting effect of a damaged background on rehabilitated citizens.  Our goal is to raise enough to acquire the land needed to build the facilities for each program volunteer. No one is an inmate; they are all volunteers and can leave the program at any time to serve the jail sentence. The conditions give each participant their own dwelling, something many have not had in a while if ever. We teach them living skills. How to cook, how to garden, be a part of a community. To value others and to work for the common good.  Each individual has the opportunity to practice living in a functional manner in a suitable environment so that when they return to the world, they will have a sense of understanding and pride. That they should carry into their community and work environments. Individuals also have an opportunity to earn money that is set aside and accumulated. So that on the day of completion of the program, they are not released into a fast-moving world, with nothing more than their clothes and a few dollars. Everything they earn will be distributed to them in full. As well as job placement and housing assistance to get them reacclimated to society. This program is receiving monetary and land donations at this time. Our hope is to have several of these Second Chance programs in various states throughout the country. In an effort to give a Second Chance to many who never really had a First! Thank you for your contributions and ongoing support and partnership. If you would like to volunteer, please visit our serve page here serve – Joshua Cristos Ministries and contact us today.


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