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We are looking for volunteers to assist in our social media and television ministries. 

20 Aug, 9:45 AM
Morning Service
“The Word of God”

Become a CEAD Volunteer.
The Community Economic and Academic Development program.
Was started to assist those in Urban and economically depressed areas in achieving a balanced, and knowledgeable approach to tackling some of life’s basic task.

Join in and make a difference.

Visit our donations page or give a tithe and offering.

JCM is reaching a world of hurting and broken people. If you feel a call to help those in need, join our outreach team and let’s make a difference together!

Be Ambassadors for Christ. Show his love and compassion to others through service. Volunteer for our Kingdom Connection programs.

Sometimes Discovery comes before Recovery. We are here to help your discovery of the root of things so that you can totally be made whole in Christ Jesus.