The Community Economic and Academic Development program. Was started to assist those in Urban and economically depressed areas in achieving a balanced, and knowledgeable approach to tackling some of life’s basic task. Though while most of us navigate these tasks daily. For some they can be most challenging. Task like, balancing a bank account, managing bills or setting a household budget. Due to limited or under suited education. Many have struggles with even basic math and reading skills. At the initial level the program seeks to teach basic math, reading, computer and mobile app skills. At different levels of needs, those supported can take advantage of more advance trainings that will help in deciding how much resources are needed versus managing limited resources that are below the level of cost of living. Or more advance trainings like starting a small business. This program is a preventative program. Targeting both youth and adults, and those at greater risk of drug abuse, violence, crime, prison and homelessness. Prevention is better than cure.  We can make a difference one family at a time, until the whole community is uplifted. Thank you for your contributions and continued partnership and support.

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